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Episode 1*

"More adventure than I was looking for.


Enjoying the view of a lake from an outcropping of rock, the picturesque beauty of my country sweeps me into a quiet moment of peace. Going for a small hike by myself was a great idea. Camping with my dancer friends has been fun but its nice to get some me time.

I hear a rustling in the bushes, and reach for my air horn. . . Then it hits. A tentacle, slaps my face, pushing me to the ground. It recoils and comes again, grabbing my hand. Another tentacle grasps my other hand, and the two tentacle pull my arms together. I swing my legs up to try to kick at the the thing.


One of the tentacles wraps around both of my wrists, freeing up the second tentacle which hooks itself onto my shirt between my breasts, pulling so hard the fabric begins to tear.


 Two more tentacles strike out, expertly spiralling around my ankles as I kick furiously, but to no avail. The creature emerges from the bushes, a dark purple monstrosity with many eyes protruding from a small base. Extending from its body are nine tentacles in all, one of which ending in what appears to be a shiny hard cock head.


The five tentacles which are not engaged in my restraint, proceed to tear every piece of clothing from my shaking body. The bulbous sack on its base throbs as its extremities begin to glisten with the secretion of a sticky substance.


The tentacles around my ankles snake even further up my legs, wrapping all the around and up to my hips, spreading them and forcing them wide open. Two of the dexterous tentacles thrust up into my tight pussy, probing, searching and stretching my labia open. I reel against the sensation. The Phalice tipped tentacle rears back, like a snake poised to strike its prey. There is a moment of tension, a chance for me to realise what is about to happen next. Then the Phalice thrusts into my fleshy depths, I scream.


To Be Continued in Part Two : " Where is Jack Harkness when you need him? "



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